Telephone line

Consultations by phone/skype

Personal Astrogeography Consultation with Georg Stockhorst
in English language

Costs:  60 €  Fixed Price - No Hotline
                  Sorry, appointments are possible only after we received your payment

Service Scope:  20 min. personal consultation by phone or skype
                       Astrogeographical Calculation of Places and Horoscope Charts
                       MP3 Recording possible - sent to you via email
                       Maximum of 5 adresses can be interpreted in one session

Possible Questions: What is my personal relationship to an exact adress/town or region ?
Which aspect of development will a particular house, town or region stimulate in my development ?
Would you recommend buying property, living, working, holidays, investing money ... at a place ?
Not possible to answer in personal consultations:  Find me the best adress, place or region. Not possible yet. Sorry we`re working on this !

Data Needed: Your birth data (date,place, birth time) or the data of foundation of an association
Your questions. Please try to explain your questions as exact as possible.
Up to a maximum of 5 adresses of houses, sites, towns, regions

Please send me an email to