karmap.com`s astrological world map is based on the astrogeographical system of the astrologer Georg Stockhorst. It offers you the opportunity to calculate the astrological constellations of places and get an interpretation of your personal relationship to places. Learn more about locational astrology and astrogeography: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locational_astrology
Georg Stockhorst has developed the astrogeographical world Map and the accompanying system of interpretation of astrogeographic positions for individuals. The astrogeography.com astrological world map offers access to this system for online and mobile use.
The astrologer Georg Stockhorst has developed two different astrological methods for caculating astrological Maps : The Astrological – Geomantical System (Berlin System of Astrogeomancy) and astrogeography.com`s Astrogeographical World Map. The two systems display two opposing and therefore very different perspectives. The Astrological Geomancy System is the result of longterm and very extensive astrological field study into the visible features of places, such as natural conditions and the way places are used by humans. In Astrogeomancy conclusions are drawn from details to understand and define morphogenetic fields in landscapes by the way of induction (Conclusion from the small to the whole) Astrogeomantic Maps have been published by Georg Stockhorst since 1997. The Astrogeography System and with it the Astrgeographic Worldmap have been developed by Georg Stockhorst after 25 years of research and field study in Astrogeomancy. Without the knowledge derived from this the Astrogeographic Worldmaps would be only a theoretical and abstract calculation. In Astrological Geography the Globe as the Earth’s body is the center of focus and conclusions are drawn from the whole (big) to the detail (small) by the way of deduction.
No, because every place is suitable for the development of people. Astrogeography.com astrological world map allows you to find out which areas of your life and development are particularly supported by a location. Explanation: Every single place on Earth is special and unique and plays an important part in the completeness of the entire planetary system. Every place in the system “Earth” has a specific information for humans and is therefore favorable for a particular aspect of our development. Therefore there can be only auspicious places on this planet. The particular energy and information of places is transferred to the nervous system and so places are perceived by the nervous system as well as the sense organs. In this way places have conscious and unconscious effects on people. The saying that traveling broadens the mind also means that every place gives us a particular stimulation for our development ! Astrogeography.com Astrological World Map offers you the opportunity to reflect and understand your relation to places by the means of astrology.
Astrology makes use of a twelvefold system to evaluate and understand the individuality of humans. Astrogeography.com Astrological World Map makes use of Georg Stockhorsts original and unique system of interpretation of the twelve houses. In this system the twelve houses are considered as the twelve organs of the nervous system in such a way, that they cannot be mistaken with one another and are seen as twelve single circuits. The first three houses (1,2,3) together form the material body, the second three (4,5,6) the emotional, the third three (7,8,9) the mental and the fourth three (10,11,12) form the spiritual body in the system of humans.
If we find out that the star sign of a place corresponds to the star sign of a particular organ in your nerval system, the astrological conclusion is, that this place will stimulate that particular organ in your nerval system, your life and development.
Finding a suitable and aupicious place for your projects in life surely is helpful, but of course it needs more than that. We believe that unresolved issues that block the development of one`s soul have a much greater effect on people`s destinies than have places. But places can help, encounter and support you in your karmic work when confronting habitual believes and suppressed emotions. Auspicious places can help to encourage us in our self-esteem, individuality and our capacity to overcome the past and open up for our true potentials.
No, don’t make yourself dependent from auspicious or inauspicious places ! And don’t consider yourself as being dependent from anything or anyone. This is not what helps you in learning to make use of your true potentials. Astrogeography.com Astrological World Map was not created to make you feel dependent on places but to help you understand and find a way out from unconscious insecurities and dependencies. Astrogeography.com astrological interpretation texts written by Georg Stockhorst are meant to encounter individual freedom and space. In no way do we want to promote fatalism here. We feel that it is time to wash away the biggest problem that has worn out astrology through the ages : the attempt to use it as a commercial ground by trying to take away peoples self esteem and belief in their individual karmic freedom of choice and self – responsibility.
astrogeography.com Astrological World Map allows you to calculate your personal relationship to places on four different size levels of interpretation. Here is an overview for you to help you find the right level of interpretation: Level 1 Level of the region or part of the country If you want to calculate your relationship to a specific country or a region, you should choose the interpretation level 1. Level 2 Level of the county or town If you want to find out your personal relation to a specific town or city you should choose the interpretation level 2. Level 3 Level of the surrounding area If you want to find your personal relationship to the neighborhood and surrounding area of an adress, you should choose the interpretation level 3. Level 4 Microcosm If you want to find out your personal relationship to a specific address, a house or piece of land, you should choose the interpretation level 4. Please note that if you want to make use of the interpretation Level 4 you should select geographic positions by clicking exactly on the part of a house or piece of land that you are interested in. What if the interpretations for one place are contradictory on different levels of interpretation ? Don’t confuse yourself, when interpretations on different levels are contradictory. This is the case for most places ! Here are some guidelines for choosing an auspicious place : Level 4 : How do I find a good house to live in ? If the constellation of a place is auspicious on level 4 this is the most important feature if you live in an appartment in a city. If you are at a place on the countryside it is Level 4 (Microcosm) as well as Level 3 (Surrounding Area) which should be evaluated when choosing a house to live in. When buying property level 4 should always be considered most important. Level 3 : How can I choose a good neighbourhood If the constellation of a place is auspicious for you on Level 3 the neighbourhood may help to make you feel at home and support you in everyday life. Level 2 : How can I choose an auspicious town ? Level 1 : How can I find an auspicious region ? see also: http://blog.astrogeography.com/?cat=83